2.99 (Free during TestFlight)

Enjoy a simplified, discussion-driven experience for Mastodon on iPhone and iPad.

As simple as email

Inspired by Mail and Messages, Fedigardens has been designed to be intuitive and productive.

Just walk away

Fedigardens aims to give you back control of your time and to avoid common traps of most social media apps. Do everything with intent, and walk away when you're done.

Keep talking

Fedigardens supports various conversation features such as replying and reblogging. And, yes, even quoting.

Ethically sourced

Fedigardens is ethical source software under the Cooperative Non-Violent Public License.

Designed for iOS 16

Fedigardens utilizes new features and APIs from iOS 16 to bring you a great experience. Open statuses in a new window, or type right away next to your timeline viewer.